Bushido: The Path of Honor PDF




A complete set of adventures creating a full campaign for BUSHIDO. The Path of Honor takes place in Chikugo Province and provides any group of characters with a wide variety of challenges that will require cooperation to achieve their shared goals.

Included in this book are:


  • Complete descriptions of the background and current situation in Chikugo Province, along with details on the province and maps.
  • Detailed description and maps of Kitano City and Kitamura Castle.
  • Three sequential adventures creating the campaign:
  • “Exit Strategy” – while the army is on campaign, the characters find themselves at Kitamura Castle when it is besieged. Can they gain notice during the siege and fulfill a mission to escape the castle and reach the army in the field to bring back a relief force to break the siege.
  • “Relic Hunters” – the characters are asked to search for and recover a stolen relic. The thief has been caught, but has died. Follow the basic clues and check inns throughout the province to find the hidden cache of stolen goods.
  • “A Fief in the Night” – the characters are given the assignment of restoring to rights the situation at a small fief where the local samurai lord died in battle, leaving his lands somewhat unsupervised, with negative results.


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