Aftermath! Survival Guide – B&W Interior


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AFTERMATH! Survival Guide provides background information for setting up and running AFTERMATH! campaigns set during the collapse. Information is presented as a survival guide to the players – to let them plan and prepare, with the gamemaster section as a reference in the back. This format allows the gamemaster to decide what collapse scenario will be presented, without informing the players. This book covers the following disaster scenarios:




Hurricanes and Tornadoes

 Extreme Cold


 Civil Unrest and Terrorism

 Hostile Occupation

Zombie Uprising

 and more.

This book is also useable as a guide for real world survival, and includes crucial information on the hazards of nuclear, biological, and chemical hazards, instructions on how to prepare an evacuation kit, or a”Bug Out Bag”, missile targeting and fallout predictions, and a checklist for keeping it all together.


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