Fantasy Games Unlimited presents Villains and Vigilantes: Giant No 3 Featuring the Triskelion Gambit. Dive into the epic storyline and embark on a thrilling adventure.


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Finally available as a PDF! The original grand-tactical ancients period rules. Legion allows for multiple Roman legions to be on the field together and is written by a statistician (Al Margolis). Also includes army organizations.

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Bushido: Adventure Campaigns 1

 The Combined books of Valley of the Mists and A Tale of Honor Lost.

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Bushido: The Path of Honor

 A complete set of adventures creating a full campaign for BUSHIDO. The Path of Honor takes place in Chikugo Province and provides any group of characters with a wide variety of challenges that will require cooperation to achieve their shared goals.

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Aftermath! Asteroid Cybele: The Fleet

The Third Campaign book in the Aftermath! Cybele series. The Fleet interconnects the continents and provides its own adventure line.

The surviving American government fled to the oceans, and now travels in a massive military/civilian flotilla called “The Fleet”. They try to maintain contact with overseas embassies, and support American citizens overseas where they can. They operate primarily in the Atlantic, commonly trading between Miami and the European continent and sometimes London. The Gamemaster should primarily consider the Fleet to be either a launching point for various adventures around the globe, or as a means of transport between campaign areas.

Written and illustrated by David S. Harmer

Now Available as a PDF: Villains and Vigilantes: Project Lawbreaker

A compendium of villains written by Dan Jones, Foster Coker, and Steve Effler, with art by Joe Singleton.

Star Sector Atlas 7_7146FC

Space Opera: Star Sector Atlas 7, the Blarad StarKingdom

Written by Glenn Price

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6804a Honor Bound Cover

Bushido Honor Bound

An interconnected series of Bushido campagin adventures written by Stephen Dedman.

Villains and Vigilantes: To Dream To Conquer To Rule

The third and final part of the Triskelion cycle. A complete adventure along with listings of additional villains and potential heroes/allies.

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Gladiators RPG

Finally available as a PDF! the classic Gladiators miniatures game.

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Space Opera: Star Sector Atlas 6


A complete guide to Western Australia after the ruin with a full campaign to get characters started in adventuring in this post-holocaust environment. In addition to the basics about the region twenty years after the ruin, you will find:

• A history of the ruin and its effects on Australia
• A detailed look at pre- and post-ruin Australian culture, including history, cuisine, language (with slang terms), laws and customs, popular activities, and much more.
• Forty-four detailed communities with maps, some with pre-ruin photographs.
• Eleven interconnected adventures to begin any campaign.
• Appendices covering technology, weapons, vehicles, and a “catalog of finds.”

Designed by Stephen Dedman. Illustrated by David S. Harmer

Run Away From Zombies – the fun card game for 2-6 players of…Running From Zombies. Designed by a kid – for kids. Designed by Alex Harmer (Age 7). Artwork by Yad Mui Ming.

Villains and Vigilantes: Peril in Panama

The third book in the World War II Campaign with a multipart adventure dealing with a plot to destroy key parts of the Panama Canal. Written by Darren Tenor and illustrated by Joe Singleton.

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2041b FC300Villains and Vigilantes: Project Lawbreaker

A compendium of villains written by Dan Jones, Foster Coker, and Steve Effler, with art by Joe Singleton.

Gangster! RPG

Now available as a PDF

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War of the Sky Cities

Now available as a PDF

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Space Opera: Fasolt in Peril 

Now available as a PDF

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Bushido: Adventure Campaigns 2

The Combined books of Honor Bound and The Path of Honor.

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Answering the Call

Answering the Call is the second of three parts of the TriskelionGambit and all three will be printed together as their own GIANT. Part three will follow shortly.

Villains and Vigilantes: Answering the Call PDF


Villains and Vigilantes: Giant no. 9
Villains and Vigilantes:Revenge of the Yakuza
The long awaited sequel to the Villains and Vigilantes adventure “Search for the Sensei.” Written and illustrated by Joe Liotta.

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Villains and Vigilantes: Home Front 

Homefront is a set of four mini-adventures set in North America in 1939 to 1941, prior to the entrance of the United States into World War II. The adventures are designed for player-characters of medium power and fairly small numbers (two to four). In addition to these four adventures is a fifth element called an Integrated Optional Upgrade (IOU).

Written by Darren Tenor

Illustrated by James Bishop


Centerville City Under Siege 

An American city taken hostage by a madman with an army of robotic soldiers and a cadre of bionically enhanced zealots! Kaiser Albrecht offers the world only two options; live on as his loyal subjects, or perish!

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Hand of Death 

The Fast Fun Friendly single deck card expandable game for 2-6 players of Zombies, Undead, Necromancy and the End of the World!

Bushido: A tale of Honor Lost

honor lost

2039b WorldWarII SuperSoldiers Cover sm

World War II Super Soldiers includes 30 super-powered participants from WWII representing the major combatants in the war. Also included are their henchmen and support groups.

Written by Darren Tenor

MERC Campaign Pack 1

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Giant 10 cover

Giant no. 10. Includes Clockworks, Centerville City under Siege, and Department 88.


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Giant No8 Wrap

Giant No 8

This volume collects Menagerie | Great Bridge 2 | Rising Sun. An Asian inspired adventure along with two collections of great villains for Villains and Vigilantes.


Space Opera: Star Sector Atlas 4 

Space opera Star Sector Atlas 4 The Galactic People’s Republic is now available as a PDF and in print.

SKU 2026a Final Fight with the Furies:FFwtF.qxd

Villains And Vigilantes ClockWorks

A Villains and Vigilantes Adventure that pits the player-heroes against Shadow, an international criminal organization that is seeking control of what may be alien technology.

Shadow, an international criminal organization has gotten wind of probable alien technology in the hands of unknowing civilians. They   have combined with a local syndicate to take control over these items by whatever means necessary.

Lords of London Cover_sm

Aftermath! Asteroid Cybele – Lords of London

An Aftermath! Campaign book set in London 20 years after the Cybele asteroid impacted in the Pacific Ocean. Covers downtown London, the Tower of London, the London Underground, and surrounding territories.

By Stephen Dedman.


Villains Unleashed:

Villains Unleashed is both a sourcebook and an adventure book for V&V. The initial pages present two complete themed villain groups (with 12 Characters) and 14 independent villains. The second part of the book is the introductory encounters that lead in to a multi-book adventure campaign. What is the international syndicate known as Triskelion? What are their goals? And how do the seemingly unrelated crimes in the adventure “The Triskelion Gambit” relate to those goals? Read on and discover villains for use in any campaign and the beginning of a complete campaign for any gaming group.

Cybele Cover2_sm

Aftermath Asteroid Cybele: The American Wasteland

It is 20 years after the Cybele asteroid impacted in the Pacific Ocean. North America is covered in sand. How well will you survive?

A new campaign pack set in America covering Miami, and parts of America for Aftermath!

Miami is struggling to keep going. Gangsters and Casinos rule the streets. The Casinos sponsor an annual race from Miami to Seattle – no rules.

Across America, small commutinies are still alive – some struggling, some thriving. Seattle has been rebuilt as a high-tech Babylon. Can you and your team make it from Miami to Seattle alive?

by David S. Harmer and Eddie Johnson. One of the largest and most detailed Aftermath! Campaign books ever.

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