New from FGU: Bushido RPG

Bushido RPG is back in print!

Now Available from FGU - Legion

The original grand-tactical ancients period rules. Legion allows for multiple Roman legions to be on the field together and is written by a statistician (Al Margolis). Also includes army organizations.

Miniatures Now Available for FGU Games

Mark Evans at Putty Monkey is now making new miniatures for Aftermath!, plus Wild West, and more soon to come – Flashing Blades and 9mm scale Space Opera/Space Marines.

New from FGU:Gladiators PDF

The classic Gladiators – now available as a PDF.

New from FGU:Gangster! RPG PDF

The classic Gangster! RPG – now available as a PDF.

New from FGU:Wild West RPG PDF

The classic Wild West RPG – now available as a PDF.

New from FGU:Fasolt in Peril PDF

The classic Space Opera adventure – now available as a PDF.

New From FGU - Run Away From Zombies Card Game

Run Away From Zombies – the fun card game for 2-6 players of…Running From Zombies. Designed by a kid – for kids. Designed by Alex Harmer (Age 7). Artwork by Yad Mui Ming.

Now Available – Space Opera Miniatures!

The Cathedral – A novel by TJ Morris in the Space Opera Universe.

The Cathedral combines high-concept speculation with fast action and cliffhanger thrills. The Church becomes the predominant government body, and develops its own enforcement arm. Once their best “Cleanser” goes rogue, all Hell breaks loose …

FGU Licensed Miniatures available here: