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Villains and Vigilantes: Giant no. 8 - Product Image
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Villains and Vigilantes: Giant no. 8

Now Shipping!- Giant no. 8 A compilation of three of the latest editions...

Menagerie (SKU2038a),

Would be world conquerors, ancient civilizations lost in the mists of the icy peaks, and an errand of mercy to get anyone into the holiday spirit. Throw in a compendium of villains and it's a recipe for something new for Villains and Vigilantes, the Original Super Hero Role Play. Menagerie is a collection of short adventures designed for a group of heroes to play through in episode fashion. Written by Stewart and Steve Wieck and Illustrated by James Bishop.

Great Bridge 2 (SKU2038b),

Over twenty more of the most wanted villains from the files of Japan's Department 88. Yet more archetypes from Japanese Manga and Anime for Villains and Vigilantes™ the Original Superhero Role Play.

Written by John P. Adams.

Illustrated by Yad Ming Mui.

and Rising Sun (SKU2038c)

Ancient feuds and environmental beatniks spell trouble in this exciting new adventure for Villains and Vigilantes™, the Original Superhero Role Play. What is the source of the mayhem causing the explosive situation at the Sino-American Chemical Company as new enemies await your heroes?

 Written by Dominique Sumner and Illustrated by Joe Singleton.




SKU Number: 2038
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Aftermath! The Gauntlet - Product Image
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Aftermath! The Gauntlet

Set in East Texas and moving to Northern Mexico, The Gauntlet sees the player-characters in the ruined world twenty years after a nuclear war has destroyed most of civilization. They begin as captive serfs in a neo-feudal society and must escape from this state of near-slavery and then find purpose for their lives. Offered the opportunity to bring needed technology to one of the few remaining areas attempting to restore a technological society in Matamoros, Mexico, the characters may choose to attempt to carry the vital communications technology through hostile societies and past raiding groups along the Gulf Coast of Texas and into Northern Mexico. Hostile humans, dangerous beasts, mutated creatures, radioactive wastes, disease, and even the scarcity of the basic necessities like food and clean water make for a challenging quest. Will the player-characters be able to succeed in the face of the dangers and shortages they will encounter? An exciting campaign for the AFTERMATH! game system.
SKU Number: 4015
Price:   $10.00 

Psi World: Cause for War - Product Image
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Psi World: Cause for War

Two complete adventures for use with the PSI world gaming system.

Casus Belli: THe anti-Psi government of the confederacy tries to use an apparent psionic attack on a diplomatic mission as a cassus belli.

Rear Guard: When the Confederacy finally does launch its invasion of the free state, Psionic personnel are mustered in an attempt to slow down the Confederate advance.


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Villains and Vigilantes: Giant No. 6 - Product Image
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Villains and Vigilantes: Giant No. 6

Includes the Classics:
Opponents Unlimited
Dawn of DNA

Now Shipping!

SKU Number: 2036
Price:   $14.00 

Villains and Vigilantes: Giant No. 5 - Product Image
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Villains and Vigilantes: Giant No. 5

The Power of One
Enemies at Large
Attack on the Poseidon Line

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SKU Number: 2035
Price:   $14.00 

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