Now Available: Villains and Vigilantes: Project Lawbreaker

A compendium of villains written by Dan Jones, Foster Coker, and Steve Effler, with art by Joe Singleton.

Aftermath! Asteroid Cybele: The Fleet

The Third Campaign book in the Aftermath! Cybele series. The Fleet interconnects the continents and provides its own adventure line.

The surviving American government fled to the oceans, and now travels in a massive military/civilian flotilla called “The Fleet”. They try to maintain contact with overseas embassies, and support American citizens overseas where they can. They operate primarily in the Atlantic, commonly trading between Miami and the European continent and sometimes London. The Gamemaster should primarily consider the Fleet to be either a launching point for various adventures around the globe, or as a means of transport between campaign areas.


Written and illustrated by David S. Harmer

Villains and Vigilantes: Mystic Foes

A sourcebook for Villains and Vigilantes including
villains (and a few possible allies) with magical backgrounds. Written
by James Satter.

Bushido: The Path of Honor

A set of interconnected adventures for Bushido to form a campaign. Written by Stephen Dedman.

Answering the Call

Answering the Call is the second of three parts of the TriskelionGambit and all three will be printed together as their own GIANT. Part three will follow shortly.