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MERC: A Modern Role Playing Game of Counter Insurgency - Product Image
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MERC: A Modern Role Playing Game of Counter Insurgency

" A role playing game of modern mercenaries carrying out missions for their employers anywhere in the world. The excitement of combat as a soldier of fortune in action. A role-playing game of modern mercenaries in action. Included in this box are complete rules, game masterAEs manual, character sheet, summary charts, dice and an introductory mission. MERC allows you to participate in missions as a soldier of fortune. Join our hearty band of Mercenaries as they search the world for adventure and action. Our complete system includes: * Character Generation * Skills and Skill Tests * Small Arms and Hand-To-Hand Combat * Booby Traps and Ambushes * Extensive Hit and Body Location Chart * Sniper Scope and Body and Vehicle Silhouettes * Ready reference Sheets and Character Sheet "
SKU Number: 8301
Price:   $12.00 

MERC: Supplement 1 - Product Image
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MERC: Supplement 1

"The purpose of Supplement 1 is to add Specialties and Skills, and to clarify existing material. In no way is this Supplement meant to change the present game system. In Book 3 - In Country, besides new specialties and skills, there are restrictions on existing material. In Book 4 - Motor Pool, the vehicle procedure has been intensified. All and any of these changes should be applied to existing characters and campaigns. Since the basic MERC system remains the same, these changes are only to add authenticity, realism, and action to your game. "
SKU Number: 8302
Price:   $5.00 

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