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Aftermath! : 
Aftermath! - Product Image
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The sun hangs low on the horizon illuminating the ruins of civilization with a bloody light. Is it the sunset of the earth or the sunrise of a brave new world? You can decide as you boldly stride the rubble-strewn streets of the AFTERMATH! This is a book version of the game including all 3 books from the original boxed set in one volume. it is not the boxed set.
SKU Number: 4000

Price: $24.00 

Aftermath! The Gauntlet - Product Image
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Aftermath! The Gauntlet

Set in East Texas and moving to Northern Mexico, The Gauntlet sees the player-characters in the ruined world twenty years after a nuclear war has destroyed most of civilization. They begin as captive serfs in a neo-feudal society and must escape from this state of near-slavery and then find purpose for their lives. Offered the opportunity to bring needed technology to one of the few remaining areas attempting to restore a technological society in Matamoros, Mexico, the characters may choose to attempt to carry the vital communications technology through hostile societies and past raiding groups along the Gulf Coast of Texas and into Northern Mexico. Hostile humans, dangerous beasts, mutated creatures, radioactive wastes, disease, and even the scarcity of the basic necessities like food and clean water make for a challenging quest. Will the player-characters be able to succeed in the face of the dangers and shortages they will encounter? An exciting campaign for the AFTERMATH! game system.
SKU Number: 4015

Price: $10.00 

Aftermath! Magic! - Product Image
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Aftermath! Magic!

200 years later....You can say the world has changed a bit. Dragons, Elves, Wizards, and more - fighting it out with Dwarves and Orcs with guns and technology. Will you Choose the path of the Mystical? Or will you choose the Technological? AFTERMATH! Magic! is the essential expansion to complete your AFTERMATH! collection. Filled with over 275 spells, mystical races, magic items, and more, AFTERMATH! Magic! allows you to adventure in the world after a magical collapse. What caused the collapse? Where did all these creatures come from? This is left for your players to find out. o Humanoid Races o Over 275 Spells o Spell Research Rules o Rules for: o Making Magical Items o Sympathetic Magic o Herbalism o Alchemy o Ritual Magic o Dimensional Physics o Special Rules o New Skills o Fantastic Monsters o A sample world 200 years after the Magical Collapse
SKU Number: 4014

Price: $10.00 

Aftermath! Computerized Character Generator - Product Image
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Aftermath! Computerized Character Generator

The Aftermath Computerized Character Generator allows a Gamemaster to generate thousands of Personality characters in just a few minutes. Aftermath has over 200 available skills to be chosen from, and the average character has only 12 skills. Because of this, simple random generation results in silly skill sets. We have developed an advanced heuristic algorithm that takes into account the Character's Attributes, Talents, and existing skills in order to produce a more reasonable skill assortment, with the logic algorithm utilizing proprietary heuristics picking skills that the Character might have chosen, based on our proprietary algorithm. System Requirements: Windows XP or higher, 512 MB RAM, 150 MB free disk space. Microsoft Word required for printing character sheets.
SKU Number: 4016

Price: $19.95 

Aftermath! Technology! - Product Image
Aftermath! Technology!

The long awaited second edition of Aftermath! Technology! is now available!!! Copies Shipping now! US Pre-orders shipped March 6, 2008. This updated version of Technology! adds new technology, PC races, space travel, netrunning, and more to the Aftermath! game.
SKU Number: 4010

Price: $12.00 

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