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New From FGU: Aftermath! Asteroid Cybele: The American Wasteland

It is 20 years after the Cybele asteroid impacted in the Pacific Ocean. North America is covered in sand. How well will you survive?

A new campaign pack set in America covering Miami, and parts of America for Aftermath!

Miami is struggling to keep going. Gangsters and Casinos rule the streets. The Casinos sponsor an annual race from Miami to Seattle – no rules.

Across America, small commutinies are still alive – some struggling, some thriving. Seattle has been rebuilt as a high-tech Babylon. Can you and your team make it from Miami to Seattle alive?

by David S. Harmer and Eddie Johnson. One of the largest and most detailed Aftermath! Campaign books ever.

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New from FGU: Bushido: A Tale of Honor Lost

In the far north of Nippon, in the Mutsu Province, one can find less-traveled and almost secluded areas. Such an area is found surrounding Tanomo, an agricultural area that has been ruled for many years by a much-respected and beneficient Daimyo. But, over recent years, this highly regarded Daimyo has begun to behave in a rapacious manner and virtually loot his own lands and people. With the poverty and distant nature of this area, those outside are unfamiliar with the radical changes that have been taking place.

Player-adventurers have entered this region and will hope to discover what is going on and what is actually behind the strange behavior of the long-respected Daimyo.

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New from FGU: Villains and Vigilantes: Giant no. 10.

New for V&V: Giant no. 10. Includes ClockWorks, Department 88, and Centerville: City Under

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New from FGU: Aftermath! Asteroid Cybele: Lords of London

An Aftermath! Campaign book set in London 20 years after the Cybele asteroid impacted in the Pacific Ocean. Covers downtown London, the Tower of London, the London Underground, and surrounding territories.

By Stephen Dedman.


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New from FGU: Villains and Vigilantes: Villains Unleashed

New for V&V – Villains Unleashed.A new adventure by Dan Jones, Foster Coker and Steve Effler.

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New from FGU: Villains and Vigilantes: Home Front

Homefront is a set of four mini-adventures set in North America in 1939 to 1941, prior to the entrance of the United States into World War II. The adventures are designed for player-characters of medium power and fairly small numbers (two to four). In addition to these four adventures is a fifth element called an Integrated Optional Upgrade (IOU).

Written by Darren Tenor

Illustrated by James Bishop

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New from FGU: Villains and Vigilantes: Clockworks

A Villains and Vigilantes Adventure that pits the player-heroes against Shadow, an international criminal organization that is seeking control of what may be alien technology.

Shadow, an international criminal organization has gotten wind of probable alien technology in the hands of unknowing civilians. They   have combined with a local syndicate to take control over these items by whatever means necessary.
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New from FGU: Space Opera: Star Sector Atlas 4

It’s been years since we’ve been able to produce a new Star Sector Atlas. Now available: Star Sector Atlas 4, the Galactic People’s Republic.

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